First step in resetting myself was to figure out where to start. I knew I needed to channel into healthier habits of I wanted to, well not die. Easier said than done.

Somehow, fate had a plan. I stumbled upon a Facebook of a total stranger, how? Who knows,again going with fate on this one. Sarah M,with this I saw a post about her results with this program(post baby) to sexy, slim and confident. Now I had some weight to lose but that wasn’t what caught my eye, it was “21 days to a new you”  WAIT WHAT? THE ANSWER? WHAT IM LOOKING FOR???? And I lived happily ever after, ha.Just kidding.

So of course being the skeptic I am, I ask her a bunch of questions about it and of xoirse, how much. After her answers, I wasnt satisfied, so I googled the program. Scam? Nope. Results? Yup. REAL? Skeptical. So I politely declined her offer and decided to move on.

A few weeks go by,more of these posts from Sarah about people having awesome results with this program.Teaching you how to eat healthy, change your bad habits into healthy ones. UGH, get busy I say. After weeks of stalking and trying to figure out what I was going to do, I had an epiphany. I was drinking AT LEAST a 4 pack of red bull a day. That was $8/day at the time, that’s $240/month. PLUS daily alcohol consumption. o.O I can’t even imagine the actual number I spent on my unhealthy habits but lets just say I knew I was kidding myself when I thought $140 was TOO much to spend to reboot my system. So I got back in contact with her, and made a  leap of  faith.

Fastforward to getting the program,I went all in, I knew that I might as well do this thing to the T or I can’t really say it doesn’t work,plus at this point I had nothing better to be doing anyway.

I stuck with it, eating plan, everything for 21 days,and let me tell you,I felt AMAZING and like I may have a chance at this getting  healthy thing.The community was awesome people who were also on a path to getting healthier for their own reasons. I fell in love.I lost 20lbs and countless inches in 21 days. LESS THAN A MONTH.Then I asked Sarah how I could do what she does, assuming it  was something  I could do.She was surprised and excited ,we talked and I went in as a coach.

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Then I’d again like to say this is where everything fell together and life was perfect but it’s not.

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