This is where the MAGIC happens

20140714_083709This is the story about how a magical being came into my world and kept reappearing kind of like a fairy (I love them, so it’s cool), and then eventually I joined him on the road to magical places.

There are people, beautiful people, whom you meet in life that you’re grateful for, that you can’t help but get excited to see them, you count down minutes til you know you’re going to see them, but you never ever dare to breach the barrier of belief that you could actually mingle with this person on the outside world. I’d normally chalk this up to the feeling of a crush, but it’s not like those school crushes where you get all giddy and run away. This is the kind where you HAVE to talk to them, you HAVE to be around them, it’s like there’s a magnet pulling you towards them. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this one. And I must say I’ve learned in the last year I was quite naive about a lot of relationships, however this one, this one was new, and weird.

So rewind time back to July 2012, I was an Assistant Manager at Hershey and newly interviewing candidates for positions because my mentor trusted my opinion and wanted me to get the experience. So I was naturally scared and wanted to make sure I didn’t hire some total idiot my first go around.

Luckily, my Mr. Magic(he shall be named for sake of the story), showed up, just a regular dude looking for a job, not a lot of restaurant experience but from the interview seemed eager to work and learn new things. PERFECT! I love workers, like real ones not just anyone who works but people who apply themselves and understand that no matter what job you have it’s YOUR job and if you’re going to get paid and want MORE you may as well WORK. But I digress, so the only thing other than hiring him that I remember from that day was his email address, because I found it funny (it has deathmetal in it) and he didn’t strike me as a metal head but who am I to judge; if only people knew what I had on my playlists. Oh and the table number, but that I remembered later for sentimental reasons.

So Magic is hired and being trained, I personally was in charge of training him because he would be my closer most of the nights, which I prefer because, if you’ve worked with me, or not, I’m seriously anal retentive about closing. I loved my job, like LOVED , lol. Anyway, just another employee, then through time we developed a friendly relationship, well honestly he was really awkward and it was a challenge to get him to talk, so me loving a challenge, I naturally had to get him to talk.

We worked together like this for about a year, he was the guy I could rely on to get stuff done when I needed it done, he’d stay and help me clean up big messes, he was awesome. Now the part that baffles me to this day is how we were both so blind, but it’s kind of cute. The day I got promoted and was leaving I said bye to everyone, I remember we were sitting in the break room people coming in and out saying their goodbyes giving me their numbers and he said “Do you want my number?” Coyly I replied I guess and got the digits. That’s mostly where it ends accept all the awkward questions about if we had been dating or such things, and I was SHOCKED that people thought that way, and embarrassed that I totally missed something others seem to have noticed.

Honestly I was relieved to have left, other than some hard feelings about the situation I couldn’t take working with him anymore, I was feeling guilty, even though I had done nothing, the feelings were weird and growing. To me it was stupid, it was a crush and obviously I was missing some cues others were picking up, but I was excited for my new journey as a General Manager and to get away from that weird gut feeling and magnetic pull to some dude who worked for me.

Flash forward to March 2014(the date of the revelation), I’m in my second store as a General Manager,3 months in, helping fix up another store that needed some TLC and trying to get staffed. I get a phone call from my mentor asking if I remember this dude…. WHAT? Remember? WHY? What happened? Oh ya know, nothing just wanted to know what you thought of him becoming a shift leader, I gave my response, then a curve ball.

“How would you feel about training him at your store?”…..

A rush of silly girly feelings rushed over me and of course in the most professional manner I could muster I say I’d love to. I desperately needed Back of the house employees, it wasn’t all for the eye candy. Glass houses.

So anyway I get his number from the GM(because I never dared put it in my phone) of the store he was currently at and call him to set up a meeting so he can get acclimated to the store and give him some stuff. So he shows up that day, It was a Saturday, he came bearing red bull o.O, this was the 1st red bull I had in 2 months mind you(ulcer remember), I could only drink a little, but it was the thought that counted.

So we’re going to fast forward a little more, I was going through my own personal development and had some life changing situations that occurred then, dude tells me he needs to quit. I offer him a 2 week notice and he says he’ll think about it, I ask him why and he just says I can’t work with you anymore. I was taken back and confused. He didn’t explain and I offered a LOA or retransfering and he said he needed to clear his head and he wanted to go on a trip.

The next day, he didn’t show for work. My heart sank. I actually broke down and cried. That isn’t like me at all, I’m not an emotional person, I’m pretty cold inside, sorrynotsorry. But I couldn’t control it, I sat there and told myself it didn’t make sense, I didn’t know him. But it didn’t stop me from being upset. Then later that day I decided to text him, against my own good judgement, he responded stating he’d left and was somewhere in OH. I expressed my sadness and he called me. We ended up having a long conversation about life and choices and relationships, nothing about us, just talking.

I then decided to give in to the magic.

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