The Next Chapter

There comes a time in your life you either choose to make a hard decision or continue on the path you are already on. It’s never something easy, it’s never clear which is the correct path but you know, you must choose.


When I chose to start to chase this magic, I had to make one of these decisions.

If you’ve read previously I’ve already explained what that was.(Changes)

So in typical Sabrena fashion, I started to overthink what I was doing, what I did and what others were going to think. Then I remembered, this is what got me here, I’m not happy, I need changes. So I stopped overthinking and I started doing things just because people asked. I traditionally would come up with some sort of excuse or reason why I couldn’t do something, I was always too busy for other people.

Ironically not many people wanted my attention at this time, I was sort of a pariah for my change, which was very enlightening and empowering honestly. Showed what I knew all along, I was the only one who could help me, I was the only one who could make things happen and I was the only one who cared if I was happy or not.

So back to Mr. Magic. He came back from his trip, I had made my decision and the next was to go for a hike. The first date, the lets sit and get to know each other on the edge of the earth and then go get coffee kind of thing, ya know.

I decided I needed to escape, I was going to drive to California, yes alone and no I didn’t really think about it too much because like I said, I was trying to stop that. Well I was continuing to hang out with Mr.Magic and eventually, I asked if he’d like to join me on my adventure, he was down.

I wanted to touch both oceans, I wanted to say I traveled across country, I wanted to enjoy a week off of work without being around the same old stuff.

20140707_143119We set sail. Virginia Beach was the first stop, we enjoyed a day at the beach, sipping expensive drinks at a boardwalk restaurant and him dragging me into the ocean I just wanted to put my toes in. We had a week and I wanted to spend time on the other side of the country,. So we head out for the west coast.

In between there’s some hiccups and some hilarity, but in short, the car broke down, we lost our money, a tire blew in the middle of the desert and my jack was broken from a previous attempt at fixing things, no hotel would let someone stay without an ID, but eventually we stopped in a little place called Gorman, I got a trucker rate and access to a closed pool. Things were wonderful.

Due to the hiccups in the middle we lost 2 days, so we had to head back as soon as we had arrived, so back to PA! Pennsylvania for anyone else. We hit four points(a sweet spot in the middle of a desert that connects 4 states) talked to some drunk Indian, slept on the Rocky Mountains,  saw the biggest wind chime, horse shoe and Ab Lincoln in the world and made it all back in time for dinner. BOOM.

20140711_191032 20140711_201301

Oh yeah, he also proposed in the middle of an abandoned church we stumbled upon in Oklahoma, I said yes.

We decided not to tell anyone, due to the fact that, one: no one was even talking to me and two: glass houses.

2 weeks later we eloped at my favorite park in Pennsylvania, I may be bias because I lived beside it for years but it overlooks Harrisburg and it’s absolutely beautiful. Negley Park in Lemoyne, if you haven’t been, go.

11822800_10206781240746929_4490441696276144227_n 20140728_163757

And so began the next chapter.

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