This amazing man who brought out my spirit, the man who made me do things I didn’t want to, because it was necessary. The man who made my heart and soul sing. The man who I could sit and have a complex and intellectual conversation. The man who made me feel like I was 16 again. This independent, intelligent, wandering, motivated, dedicated, free spirit, wanted me to be his wife. I’m still honored to this day. I can’t promise this gushing will ever end.

So July 28th 2014,20140803_132622 we were married. We moved in to a cute farm-house in the middle of Etters and were excited to start our life together.

One thing I love about our relationship is our “Sizzle Sessions”, our time where we just sit and bounce ideas off of each other and make life decisions. It’s fun, enlightening and where all the magic is conjured. This is where we talked about our love for travel, how I had finally opened Pandora’s box of places outside of Pennsylvania, and I was ready for more. We discussed the fact that it would be so cool to have somewhere to sleep when we were traveling that wasn’t a hotel (we slept all nights but one on our trip in my little Hyundai, oh yeah it was romantic). So we had the epiphany, duh they make those, they are called motorhomes. So was born the RV idea. We researched about the lifestyle, types of RVs, money, places, states, restrictions and anything else we could to learn all about it. We were set, we were going to become full-time RVers. We both had jobs we could do anywhere, we both had the determination to make what ever it was we wanted come to life, so it was on.

THEN we found out we were pregnant. However this is where our mindset is different than most. We did not let this falter our plans. We did not let this change what we wanted to do. We were so excited to have a little one to JOIN us on our journey through life. We are still in love with the fact that the stars wanted us to have our own little dude to20140908_005259 raise on the way, and that’s awesome.

I’m a perfectionist by nature, I have to know everything I can about something;  no I don’t think I will be perfect at it, no I don’t believe I then have all the answers, but it makes me feel much more confident about going into something with more knowledge than I had before. So motherhood would be no different. I researched like a mad woman on every single topic you can think of that had to do with having a baby.

And as our knowledge and plans grew to fruition so did my bump.

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