Oh Baby.

I just have to gush about how amazing pregnancy is. pregnant woman holding up the earth, painting

We grow a skeleton in our body. We grow a whole nervous system. We grow a brain. We grow vital organs.  We grow life.

That’s frickin’ nuts.

We go through sickness, weird feelings of growing little beings (which for me was weird and made me think of the movie Alien , the part where the baby aliens explode out of  people’s abdomen) I know, adorable right?

The wonderful feeling of being a blimp on legs. Regardless of how much weight you gain, when you can’t see your toes anymore, it’s disheartening.

Personally I loved being pregnant. I was a little more irritable and gained a lot of weight. BUT it was a magical experience that I loved every second of. The feeling of knowing I was housing a beautiful being was so enlightening and just awe inspiring.

9 months pregnant

Then of course the birth part. And I don’t care HOW you gave birth, c-section, vaginal, epidural, natural, at home, in a hospital. It doesn’t matter, you are a warrior.

We go through baby blues, the painful bathroom time, sacrificing our sleep, personal hygiene and bodies to make the child thrive.

You are epic, amazing and awesome.

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