Your WHY

When starting an online business your up line and successful people will tell you, you must have a strong WHY to build on. IF you don’t, you won’t succeed.

So you think, WHY, WHY do you want to succeed in this business, what will DRIVE you to do this EVERY day. What will get you out of bed in the morning and make you want to do the things necessary to move forward?

Maybe I’m just wired wrong but I thought MY FAMILY, MY SON, FINANCIAL STABILITY and helping my husband with his growing business. Repay him for letting me stay home with our son, was a pretty strong WHY.

AT first, it was. It got me going, I was PSYCHED, so ready to change our lives.buddha, man :"I want happiness" buddha:"First Remove "I" this is your ego.

And that, that’s where the problem lies, unfortunately every business is to provide a service to people. That service is offered by TONS of people other than you and eventually you feel like a blip in the radar of the industry.

So I took some time off, I continued personal development but couldn’t bring myself to work. I just had no drive to do it, I felt I was doing it wrong no matter what, even if I followed to a T what I was taught. No matter how I reworded what I said, I felt wrong. I didn’t believe I was doing what I wanted to do.

Then it hit me, what I wanted to do, WHY I became a coach. Not for money, not for my family but to CHANGE OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES, like these products had done for me. In the beginning I remember someone saying that won’t be enough, that is what gets you started but you have to dig DEEP.

So I kept doing personal development and thought, what more drives me to do this? Teaching, I LOVE teaching. I love learning things and then taking my knowledge, simplifying it further, putting all I learned in one spot so someone else doesn’t have to do the same thing and then TEACHING that to someone else.

I love showing people how to make their lives easier, it’s why I succeeded in the restaurant business. I went from a 16-year-old host who loved to help everyone, to the trainer to teach others to do it and then the server who did the same, then the cook, then the kp, then the shift leader, then the assistant manager, then the assistant general manager then finally the general manager.

What took me there was my drive to learn and teach. To help everyone succeed as a team. My passion was to have a successful team that could rely on each other.

unfortunately not everyone has that drive and some just work to clock in and go home. Which made my job very frustrating. I wanted EVERYONE to love their job as much as I did.

Now as my own boss, as once again a leader, I get to do this ALL over again BUT with people who are all like-minded, who want to succeed, who want to make the team work. BECAUSE team work, makes the dream work, for real.

1d31128315c16ca71b8f93772aca384eAnd do not get me wrong, my family, son and the want to repay my husband for letting me stay home with him is a why, but it’s not WHY I want to be a coach, it’s why I want to SUCCEED as a coach.

You have to love what you do and love the products, otherwise you can’t expect to succeed.

So if you’re in a network marketing company or in direct sales and are struggling to make it work. Think about your WHY, is it really deep enough? Is it really enough when you’re not making anything because your team hasn’t grown? OR when that person quits because they aren’t that into it? OR when the bills aren’t getting paid still and you’re struggling to figure out HOW you can push this business to the next level?

My why can’t be yours, and if you try to make it, it won’t work. YOU have to dig, search and find it. It took me months to figure this out after breaking down multiple times thinking, “I want this to work, what am I doing wrong?”

Everything will change, you’ll be psyched to get up and go to work and get the vitals done. You’ll be so excited that you can’t sleep or eat. All you want to do is focus on your goal.

SO I challenge you, don’t go with your initial why, and don’t settle for it. KEEP searching, it may take a while, it could take a year or more, just don’t stop. GROW and keep looking for the reason to not go back to work for someone else.

If you’d like me to personally coach you in my organization or are curious about what it is I do, please fill this out.

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