Fat Loss VS Weight Loss

I’ve heard this before and in the industry I’m in, it’s preached not to worry about the scale and focus on how you feel and look.

That can be easier said than done.

Personally I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, I was always chubby, and never really knew I was getting obese until one day I saw a picture of my 15 year old self and was DISGUSTED with what I saw.

I started workout out to Power 90 in 2005 with my dad and sister. I started eating healthy and I was losing weight, I started with a 40lb weight loss, I was SO excited!! But I wanted more, and I wanted it FASTER. I searched online how to do that and went on a downward spiral of obsessing over my weight.

This inevitably led to a 7 year battle with anorexia and bulimia. In 2008 after a miscarriage I told myself I needed to get healthier, I didn’t want to NEVER have babies.

So I started working on steps to recovering, it wasn’t easy,  and honestly never really left. HOWEVER I did start eating again and not purging ALL the time. I stopped working out in about 2012 but managed to keep off all my weight UNTIL, I got stressed out and my body retained fat.

In 2014 I developed an ulcer and was forced to change my habits.  I didn’t know I had gotten so bad until one day, I stepped on the scale and weighed myself. I was then deeply saddened I had let myself go. I had gained about 30lbs and was miserable.

I set out to change my lifestyle and did!

The reason I’m telling this is these 2 pictures. The one of the left is 2014 after finding out I had to change and starting my new journey. The one on the right is just last week (2015) 50 lbs down ALL HEALTHY!

Sabrena Gwin April 2014/Dec 2015
Sabrena Gwin April 2014/December 2015

I saw this picture and thought, wow look at my stomach, it looks better now, I wonder what my measurements were, I already knew I weighed less in the left, not exactly of how much. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

To my excitement, I went and looked up my measurements from the pictures on the left, and guess what, they’re the EXACT same as now. Except I’m 15lbs heavier NOW than I was on the left.


Making life changes are hard, working out daily is hard, not crash dieting is hard, but I look BETTER! I FEEL BETTER! I have more confidence now than I even have in my life.


THIS solidifies for me that saying, it really isn’t the scale. It really isn’t your weight that matters.

Keep going, it really is worth it! Even when we don’t think it, it’s changing our bodies more than we know!

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