50 Lb Weight Loss

2 years ago I found out I had a stomach ulcer and needed to get my health back. I did the 21 day fix twice and lost 40lbs! Then I got pregnant and stopped working out and watching what I eat.

Weight loss results, 21 day fix results
Results from 2014 and The 21 day Fix

I gained 100lbs, I wanted to get rid of it and ASAP! I gave birth to my son in may 2015 and wanted to jump in, obviously easier said then done.

I waited my 6 weeks and then attempted to do the 21 day fix, it kicked my ass. I mustered 3 days the first week, 2 the next and then none. Did lose weight and inches but felt like a failure. Then I tried again in July, same thing, a few days the 1st week and the 2nd and even managed to get a few days on the 3rd week too. Then we went to Tennessee for a coach training and opted out of the workouts because my baby was so little, exclusively breastfeeding and only 2 months old. So with him in tow I went to all the training seminars and got pumped to go home and change mine and others’ lives.

But other than passion, I had no discipline, motivation, and I was depressed.

I kept trying to muster energy, excitement and motivation to workout, and couldn’t. Which of course made me feel worse.

Feeling sorry for myself but not wanting to share it, I kept trying to motivate others and inspire them to workout and get in shape. Hoping it would light my fire. weight loss transformation, weight loss

It didn’t.

So in September I got a new program called Cize, from the guy who does the insanity workouts, it’s all about dance and having fun. Which I thought was perfect, I love dancing and I need something new and fun.

Did a week, and quit. I can make a million excuse as to why but in the end it was because I just didn’t care enough.

Sure I wanted to get back in shape but it was hard. And I already was adjusting to motherhood and that’s hard enough.

So October came and went and I did nothing!!!!!!!!

Now mind you I do eat healthy and was the whole time since giving birth so I was still doing SOMETHING, but not working out

Then it hit me, I was being lazy. I was making myself feel like crap. I wasn’t really trying.

So I started a group for accountability and told myself this is it. I’m done being a victim. I’m done hating myself for not doing what i need to do I’m done watching other people’s transformations on Instagram and Facebook and thinking I COULD do it.

No I decided I’m GOING to do it. No matter what. I’m going to fight every excuse , every day. I’m going to own my life. My weight and my future

I will not be another statistic. Another mom who let herself go.

I will not allow myself to hate myself.

Because I’m awesome. We all are. We just have to remember it and remember those people you look at, are not better than you, just more committed and driven.

You have the power to reach your goals. All you have to do is decide. Commit and you are destined to succeed

I started my journey again on November 10th but this time DETERMINED . The beauty of life is just that, we have the power every day to start something over. It’s choices daily to be better than yesterday. Not perfect, just better.

Before and after photos, 5 months apart.
50 lbs LOST. 44 inches GONE!

And that is what I’m committed to. That and sharing my story and journey publicly. Why? Because it’s frickin scary. It’s like being on a stage NAKED. Now I would never do THAT, but metaphorically it’s what I need to get my ass in gear.

Show my flaws, show my struggle and show my progress.

Since doing that I have been CRUSHING my weight loss/fitness journey. I’m now at the same exact measurements I was at when I started getting my life back in April 2014, and I feel amazing.

For the first time since giving birth to my son, I am not just wanting, I’m achieving.

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