Somewhere along the line obsessed became a bad word. The word itself means to preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, and intrusively.obsessed-is-a-word-the-lazy-used-to-describe-dedicated-quote-1

Can seem a little bold but honestly sometimes we need an intruder to help us get out of a rut. Ever have an instance where something happened and someone snapped you back into reality and maybe it was something you’d been doing days, weeks, months or even years. And you are compelled to thank them for helping.

For taking the time to reach out to you REPEATEDLY and tell you that they care and want the best for you. That if they hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t know where you would be today?

I know I have, multiple times by multiple people in different situations. And to be honest I wish I would have had someone being more OBSESSED with helping me get started on my weight loss journey after gaining 100lbs during pregnancy.

But no one was and I struggled for 5 months to get OBSESSED with taking my health seriously. I wanted it, but I wasn’t driven, I wasn’t motivated. Until I switched my thinking from “Woah is me” to “I’m going to make this my bitch.”

b34636a31213c1b9561e9321dd4da0aaAnd from that moment on I have been OBSESSED with losing this weight, getting in shape. Living a healthy life with my family. NOT letting myself loathe myself. Not letting myself sit back and give up. Not letting myself resort to programs I had placed in my mind on how to lose weight the wrong way.

And if being obsessed is a bad thing, then oh well. Talk about how crazy I am or how ridiculous it is. Frankly I don’t give a damn.

I’ll be over here, feeling great, looking great and trying to help others.


Maybe you should become obsessed too.

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