Finding our Ship.

My husband and I knew we wanted to travel. After our trip to California together before we were married, we fell in love with being together and seeing new places and doing new things.

On our journey we came across a realization it’d be EVEN better if we had an actual bed to sleep in, and a kitchen. Then it dawned on us…. They make those, they’re called RVs.

After we came back we shortly then after got married and moved in together.

This is when we started planning our dream. Talking about where we wanted to go, what we wanted and what kind of RV we would choose. Let me tell you, it’s a HARD decision to figure out which vessel you will venture in for a long period of time, what works best for you and what has everything you’re looking for.

After much research we found it suggested if you were up and going all the time you’d want a Motorhome because it’s all together and easy to get going. Which was ideal, we didn’t know how long we’d be at one location and wanted to have the ease of use to up and go whenever!

Next was exactly which Motorhome, Class A, Class C, diesel, gas, make, model etc.

We read about all the things you have to look for, watch out for and be aware of to make sure you’re not getting a trap on wheels or a rundown piece of junk.DSCN2435

We found we were a bit overwhelmed so we took a break. In this time we found out we were going to be adding a little human to our adventures. My first reaction was “I guess we’ll have to put off our dream” but Brad being the amazing creature he is had the rebuttle, “Definitely not, we just get to have him with us”.  He is kind of awesome.

So then it was even more imperative that we stick with our Motorhome idea, easier access to anything in the kitchen, bathroom etc so we could easily care for the little nugget.

The search then restarted and we started to look at some online, seeing different years, quality etc. But we had a budget in place and on top of that a savings account budget as well.

We then started looking at them in person a few months later and saw things we liked, didn’t like and what we saw would be in our price range.

I didn’t like the interior of the older ones of which we would purchase, I found them tacky and they reminded me of cheap hotel rooms. So we discussed what we could do to rectify this. The decision was made we would buy cheaper and put our money into remodeling it with the specs we wanted.

This put our search into a different category and we were pleased to find a good number of seemingly good conditioned Motorhomes in our new budget.  We started looking at them and saw that we didn’t want an older Class C because more than not the top windows leaked and water damage was in the loft area. Also you just didn’t get the same space as you did in an A. So we decided on a Class A. Refined our search and went hunting.

We found a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder online for a great price of $2000. We went to check it out. It was perfect (to our amateur eyes). We knew we’d be gutting it so the internal ick didn’t really matter. The water damage on the ceiling that he tried to convince us was just heat warp…. should have been an indicator that there would be issues that he wasn’t either aware of or telling us about. BUT it didn’t matter we were smitten. (Brad was smitten I was skeptical) We had seen it at night so it wasn’t so easy to see all the flaws nor get a feel for the actual look of it .The windshield wipers didn’t work, neither did the heat, the wires needed jiggled to start sometimes and I was still a little put off by the water damage. HOWEVER Brad was convinced we could fix anything wrong with it and it wasn’t a problem.

Being that I’m over the heels in love with him and I know how handy he is, I figured okay, well lets go see it in the sunshine to look it over before we make any decisions.

We set up with the owner and came by to look at it in the day. It was glorious, we were so excited, this time I tried to be more diligent but lets just say, there’s more than soft spots to find water damage. At the end of this we go for gold and purchase him and make him ours.

Euphoric and ready to get to work we set out for home. I drove t10981749_10205711974855950_1099244807573513128_nhe car while Brad drove the beast home. As we were driving I noticed something we hadn’t seen, a gaping mouth like hole on the back wall that pretty much looked like a pocket… AKA water pocket.

When we got back I told Brad and we looked into depth and found a MASSIVE amount of water damage from that hole and the back window of the rig.

Not to be defeated we went to work on planning our renovations. Back wall, needed redone and the window taken out. Outside back wall needed patched and sealed. Front ceiling needed taken down and redone. Floors needed ripped out and the wood floor put down. All furniture taken out and then reupholstered. Take out microwave(I refuse to have them as to keep myself from using one.) Fridge replaced. Ugly light fixtures on walls taken out. Unnecessary cabinets in bedroom taken out. All holes patched. Walls painted and any mechanical issues taken care of.10941877_10205311268638545_3772834508603525708_n

We decided to work room by room to make it easier and start with the worst, the back room and move up. We then went to Home Depot to acquire our supplies, this would quickly become our favorite store and we’d spend tons of time here in the next 6 months.

Wasn’t more than we anticipated and Brad was more than ready to get to work doing it. In the first night he tore out the bedroom and floors up to the hallway. We knocked out the back window and covered it with tarp (it was January and it could snow at anytime).

In the coming months we’d watch our ship start to come together room by room, piece by piece. Watching it transform into our own pride and joy and all the while awaiting the arrival of the new addition.10974491_10205568289623909_4316656625025238266_o 603145_10205711973855925_5832321082768630764_n 11072913_10205711974215934_1417667870649702696_n

I even spent my first month of maternity leave helping renovate and trying to speed up the slow cooker of a womb, it didn’t work. He ended up being 4 days late anyway, lol. On his due date I was still painting. I was convinced he was waiting til the painting was at least complete to make his debut.

After our son was born the project was put on hold for a little to settle in to everything. Then Brad went into overdrive to get the floor done, which he did in about a month.

Finally our beast was a beauty and was ready for setting sail.

Since living in it full-time the last 8 months, it’s transformed a lot but it always seems to get better <3

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