Breaking from your Comfort Zone

you-only-live-once  For preservation and perseverance we strive for safety in our daily lives.

A consistent place to live, work and people with whom we know and are comfortable with, or none at all if that’s your preference.

But what happens when you break out of your comfort zone? What happens when you realize your safety is holding you back
? They call it a net for a reason right?

Are we even risking falls though?

We look at other people who have things that we want and automatically think th
at they either have something we don’t or that we’re incapable of having it.

Both are completely false. We all start the same. Every day we all wake up the same, sure maybe to different alarms at different times, but we each get out of bed at some point the same way. One foot and then the other.

What happens next, this is where we differ.  You are either on the ride called life or you’re behind the wheel driving.

I know prior to 2014, I was on the ride. I even turned on
autopilot because I was cruising and content.

But when I was forced to look at my life differently, I didn’t like where my road was headed. Same job til I retire, working 50+ hours a week, in an unhealthy relationship, an alcoholic and still battling my eating disorder.

So I decided to turn off Autopilot, and take the wheel.images (2)

This is where
the comfort zones started to show themselves.

If you’re like I was, you don’t like change. You don’t like the feeling of uneasiness you get when someone wants you to do something you’ve already told yourself you’re just not going to do. Not for any particular reason other than, you just don’t want to.

You’ve created boundaries like tower walls to guard yourself from pain and rejection. You’ve managed to stay positive about things because your walls fight off the bad vibes.

You’ve managed to find something that masks your distaste for some of your daily duties. You busy your mind with tasks, be it cleaning, a job, mindlessly watching TV, scrolling Facebook or a substance like alcohol.

For me it was my job and alcohol. That was my life, other than my 2 days off where it was cleaning, laundry at my parents where I watched some TV AND alcohol.

So when forced to look at my life when getting a stomach ulcer in January 2014, and was told I had to quit drinking, smoking and be less stressed.

Oh, okay less stress but give up my biggest stress relievers? SURE!!!! Well I had no choice, it was my health or my vices.

I had to get out of my comfort zone. I had to step back and look at myself and analyze where I was. I was not happy with who I had become. I was not who I wanted to be.

I then decided I was going to change. I was going to be the person I wanted to be. I was going to travel. I was going to get healthy. I was going to start my own businesses. I was going to stop smoking and drinking.

Do_you_dare_to_dream_Get_out_of_your_comfort_zone__156636Day by day I had to take steps to get to where I wanted; make new goals for myself. What was I going to do, where did I want to be?  I had no idea what I was doing and it was scary but I knew if I didn’t push through my fears I would never be who I wanted to be. I would stay the same and I would still be unhappy and discontent.
I daily have to figure it out but I never give up and won’t. Pushing myself passed my comfort zones has shown me a whole new world. The one I’d forgotten and grown to hate. It has shown me the beauty of the earth and the people within. It’s shown me that change is possible if you truly want it.

It has shown me ANYTHING is truly possible if you want to make it happen. YOU are the deciding factor in anything.

I am now traveling full-time, working on my 3rd business, 65lbs lighter, smoke and alcohol free and loving it.

The hardest part of change is pushing through the initial fear that lies between us and the actual change. It’s uneasy, it’s uncomfortable and it’s not very fun. BUT as soon as you get to the other side, you’ll begin to feel relief, excitement and the freedom that comes with breaking down those barriers you’ve built for yourself.today_0

Be who you WANT to be. Do what you WANT to do. Live passionately.

You will thank yourself later.

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