6 things to help you WAKE UP!

wake-up-and-be-awesome-wooden-sign-closeupI have never been one to like waking up. EVER. My mom used to struggle to get me to get up for school and then work alarms were my enemy.

If you’re like me, you love caffeine and without it you just can’t survive. I’m not here to tell you the caffeine fix will go away, sorry. But I can tell you, it can be better and less of a NEED and more of a prize.

So how can we make ourselves wake up with more energy? How can we get our day going early and make the best of it?

These are the top things I do every day that have helped me go from ho-hum to YEAH BABY, every morning.


  1. GET UP. This seems simple but is one of the hardest tasks for a bed lover like myself. We just want to snuggle the covers and snooze the alarm. BUT do you know when you do that you’re subconsciously telling yourself, your life isn’t worth getting up to live. Then everyday you waste more time and live less of it.   So you have to just throw off the covers,  moan, groan and mosey your way to the bathroom for the next step!
  2. SPLASH! However you want to do this is up to you but this is a big helper in boosting the wake up feeling, either take a shower or just put cold water on your face (I like to do it about 3 times before I feel it’s done anything)
  3. TEETH. Brush your teeth first thing, not only does it feel great and make your morning breath go away, it helps you wake up.
  4. WATER. I started this and it does wonders for your energy and overall feeling. Drink a glass of water! 16 oz or so and it will not only wake you up but water is a natural energizer! Plus now you’re well on your way to getting your daily water intake 😉
  5. PERSONAL TIME. Take 15-30 minutes to relax your mind. THIS DOES NOT MEAN NAP! Meditate, pray, write in a journal, listen to music, read a book anything that helps you relax and ease into your day. This is also a good time to have your coffee, tea or other morning beverage you enjoy. I recommend staying with positive things to keep your day started off on a positive note! You’ll be amazed at how much better each day goes when started with some reflection and growth :)
  6. WORKOUT. This does not have to be extensive or intense. A quick bout of 20 jumping jacks or push ups will do. Just something to get your blood flowing and get you ready for your day!

Now these are things can vary in order but I typically always do the first 4 in order, remember routines take time to make so be gracious on failing a few times but don’t let them stop you. EACH DAY IS A NEW DAY! Try again and again until you’re doing it with ease. It takes a month to form a habit so after a month, you’ll be amazed at how easy your mornings are and how much more time you seemed to have created for yourself!

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