Slow is good.

You can’t win the gold if you didn’t train for the race.

In a world of instant access to emails, messages, bank accounts and even food we are constantly wanting everything faster and now. It’s no surprise we would want the same for our health and any weight loss/gain goals we have.

Because of this companies play on our desire by advertising “quick” ways in MINUTES, HOURS etc and though they let you know these are temporary results, we jump on for the quick fix. (pills, wraps, etc)

After the temporary results wear off we’re left where we started and unhappy that we wasted the money on things that didn’t last.

So what about the slow way? What about slowly changing your eating habits and developing a healthier diet. What about slowly integrating workouts into your week, maybe once a week to twice a week and so on. What if you kept that up for months and slowly had results that were sustainable without having to buy monthly batches of temporary fixes?

THAT is what we truly need. We don’t need things that mask the problems. We don’t need things that just temporarily change our appearance or mood.

It’s proven that a healthy diet will help your overall well being from mood to sex drive. It will help you have regular bowel movements. It will help you have less aches and pains. It will help you lose weight. It will help you gain muscle. It will allow for “cheat” meals that because you primarily eat healthy won’t break your progress or make you gain 5lbs in a day.

We all learned about healthy eating and physical activity in school and mostly dismissed it. Why do you think we had gym class? Why do you think we had health class? Not so we grew up to eat junk food and sit on couches all day.

We have the power to make changes over time that will lead to permanant lifestyle changes that will help us be healthier and happier in the long run.2016-22-3--07-19-11

I’m not free of fault and have used my fair share of diet pills that promised results, I’ve restricted calories because that was the no brainer way to lose weight. However anytime I started eating more or had an unhealthy meal, back came the fat and weight that went with the quick way.

For the first time in my life I can indulge in snacks and goodies when I want because I know I eat a healthy diet 98% of the time.  Best part? I don’t have to worry about gaining weight or not fitting my pants that I starved myself to get into because I have built sustainable healthy foundation to help myself.

And it’s been a slow process. I’ve lost 65lbs and 54 inches in 8 months and am still working on lowering my overall fat content but I look better than ever and actually have muscles on my body.

I lost 80lbs in about 4 months before and if I went off of that standard I’d be WAY behind. I had no muscle tone and no energy so I relied on energy drinks. You know what also came with that weight loss? Constant starvation. Obsession with what I ate. Obsession with overly working out for hours a day. Obsession with comparing myself to others. And to keep my weight off I had to continue these habits or I’d gain weight.

I now workout no more than once a day for no more than an hour. I’m NEVER starving. I don’t compare myself to others because I now know each journey is unique and should only be compared to yourself. I can eat a piece of cake and fit my pants tomorrow, and I haven’t touched an energy drink in almost 2 years.

I’d say the slow path has been much more gratifying.

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