RV and Baby

So in continuation, we now have an RV, brand new baby and a dream of non stop travel.

We were so excited and ready and of course met with many questions, disapproval and worry.

How can you raise a baby in an RV? Is that safe? Where are you going to be staying? How are you going to make money? Are you sure this is the right thing? You’ll be back.

Now I can’t say in the beginning I was as calm and collected about things as I am now but I did manage not to freak out on everyone, every single time these were brought up and unfortunately it was more than I would have liked.

I appreciate love and concern so I answered them as best as I could. I now have much better answers.

  1. You raise a baby in an RV just like you raise a baby in any other living situation, with love, food, education and support.
  2. I can say I’ve never felt safer. There is a huge community and people aren’t as bad as you think.
  3. Everywhere and anywhere. Yup.
  4. Jobs.
  5. For us, yes.
  6.  To visit, of course.

When we started off in our voyage by driving 40 minutes away from our then apartment and setting up at our first campground it seemed all too easy, and it was. It wasn’t any different than any other place I had moved into except, I owned my home and there were ever changing neighbors. (Sometimes TONS, sometimes none, some in campers, some in tents, some in vans) The array is endless.

We loved it, the camping atmosphere, the friendly neighbors, the free amenities, the space and our freedom.

We then realized we were getting too comfortable. We were doing what we were trying to get away from, staying in one place, doing the same thing, over and over and letting ourselves get sucked back in to the “normal” life so in October we decided it was time to head south before we procrastinated any more. We were onward to Florida.

Said our goodbyes and set out ready to explore and enjoy the not so winter weather.

We started off towards Virginia. I wanted to go to the beach we had gone to together for the first time. The one that started our trip to California a year prior, it didn’t end up being that beach and it ended up being super windy and cold. BUT we went to a beach, put our feet in the ocean and moved onward.

We then Wal-Mart hopped down the states until we finally got to South Carolina. We needed diapers. So we found the closest Babies R Us and parked our home.

We were loving our freedom. We were enjoying our days and taking in the things around us. One night I remember we were looking for a park that was close by and where we could settle in for a bit and enjoy nature instead of the pavement we had gotten comfy in the last month.

I don’t know how we got to it but we recalled information from a blog we had read about a membership that we could get to travel and stay at sites. So we looked into it and ended up purchasing it. It took all our worries and stress of where we would stay and how long away. We now had a list of parks in states ranging from Pennsylvania down to Florida and over to Texas! We were psyched. Fees were annual so we didn’t have to worry about “rent” and the only thing we had to do was boondock for a week at a time, which we were no strangers to anyway!

Eventually we got to the first park and noticed the pool was closed, bummer. On the brochure it stated there were alligators in the lakes, so of course we decided we needed to find them. We set out to walk the lakes and find an alligator. We didn’t, we did however manage to get swarmed by mosquitoes and walk into our first run in with fire ants.

I learned that fire ants are evil little bugs. I had encountered them (loosely) up north and never really thought too much about them. Well if you haven’t ever had one bite and sting you, you are quite lucky. And if you are in South Carolina or lower and haven’t, what’s your secret?

Anyway, it’s a painful little pimple looking bump that stings and that’s about it. I got quite a few in the time we stayed at this park (2 weeks) before we talked about what our plans were, at first we were going to set up here and stay for a few months, then we decided to scratch that and get to Florida since it was our destination in the first place.


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