In 2014 I made a decision that I would no longer allow myself to be unhappy. From that moment on I have been on an extensive journey to become a healthier, stronger, better overall me.

I married the man who has become my best friend, travel companion, spiritual rock and lover whom with we have blossomed a strong, caring, adventurous little human named Oz.

We travel fulltime in our motorhome and are enjoying the fruits of the earth and scenery abound while raising our tiny man.

Alongside that I have defeated my own demon of battling eating disorders for 10 years and since June 2015 have been on a completely healthy weightloss journey to lose the 100 I graciously gained while pregnant.

I’m currently 70lb and 65 inches down in 10 months and am working toward my own optimum health and strength.


I crochet lovely things for my family and soon the world! hah, or any small local market.

I am enjoying life, becoming whole, living minimally and loving unconditionally. ♥